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School aims and general information

School aims and general information

The school aims to provide a balanced education (within the demands of what is effectively a specialist music school), a Christian environment and a happy and supportive place in which to live for boys between the ages of 8 and 13 who are choristers of Westminster Abbey. The objective is to ensure that all boys:


  • benefit from belonging to a nurturing boarding community where they learn to be mutually supportive as well as responsible and independent;


  • benefit from an excellent musical education;


  • benefit from a broad academic education which enables them to go on to secondary education at an appropriate school of their choice;


  • develop their spiritual, moral, emotional, creative, aesthetic, practical and physical qualities and talents as fully as possible;


  • have the opportunity to make a significant and worthwhile contribution to the life and work of Westminster Abbey;


  • become confident, well-balanced individuals, able to take their places in society as good citizens and able to form strong and enduring relationships with others.


The School takes its responsibilities for child protection very seriously.  Parents are encouraged to read the Safeguarding Policy, a copy of which is published on the website and also available on request from the school office.


Headmaster:   Jonathan Milton

Chairman of Governors:   The Dean of Westminster,

The Chapter Office, Dean’s Yard, Westminster, London SW1P 3PA

Telephone: 020 7654 4801


Further information on all school policies, procedures and statistics (including: academic performance, admissions, anti-bullying, behaviour, complaints and the number of formal complaints in the previous year, child protection/safeguarding, curriculum, discipline, education & welfare provision for pupils with special needs (including EAL), exclusions, first aid, staff qualifications, welfare, health & safety (including school visits)) is available on request from the school office, as is a copy of the most recent ISI inspection report.


View Safeguarding Policy